Bamboo Learning

Bamboo Learning is an education software and services company with a mission to teach using voice-based devices. Bamboo Learning develops skills for Alexa that enable everyone to have fun learning and practicing different subjects while listening and using their voice. Bamboo Skills automatically get more challenging as students master different levels. Bamboo Skills also track progress and some offer an option to receive results via email.



Learn music theory with your Alexa device, whether you are taking music lessons, or just want to learn more about music.

  • LISTEN to simple songs and classical pieces and complete exercises to learn notes, instruments, scales, dynamics, chords, tempo, and intervals.

  • EARN badges and achieve more advanced levels



Bamboo Math offers arithmetic number problems and 6000+ different visually interesting word problems with tarantulas, octopuses, tigers, flashlights, marbles, umbrellas, and more.  Combining audio and visual learning makes Bamboo Math a great education supplement for children age 5 to 12, and it’s fun for adults as well. Works with all Echo devices. Enhanced Visuals on Alexa Visual devices including Echo Show, Fire tablets, and Fire TV products,