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Senior Software Engineer / Architect / Startup Wizard


Bamboo is a startup.  We’re focused on building voice-based consumer apps (aka Alexa Skills in Amazon’s nomenclature) for the latest voice-based platforms.  Yep, we have some specific ideas about what voice-based apps we’re building and why -- but no, we’re not going to post it (other than Bamboo Music) on an open job description that anyone on the Interwebs can see.

“Sounds cool,” you’re thinking, “but it’s a startup, and startups fail all the time.”  Yes, that’s true, startups fail all the time.  We might fail, or we might succeed.  Here’s why we think we will succeed: 

  1. IDEA: We have a focused customer set, the customer set is plenty large, and we are addressing a demonstrated need that the customer set has.
  2. PRODUCT: While we have just launched, we have positive feedback from trial customers and industry voice experts.
  3. FUNDING: We already have funding and are well-positioned to attract additional investment if and when the time comes
  4. TEAM:
  • One of our co-founders (Ian Freed) led the Alexa and Echo team from the seeds of the idea through to first shipment.  And he led the Amazon Kindle business team from the prelaunch of Kindle 1 through Kindle 3.  And he is a 12+ year Amazon veteran who has led teams numbering in the thousands.
  • Our other co-founder (Irina Fine) is an expert in elementary education.
  • They worked together successfully for 4+ years in Russia right after the fall of the Soviet Union (it was a tough business environment to say the least), and
  • They still really like each other, and enjoy working together again!


We are looking for an experienced Software Architect, Engineer, and Engineering Leader to architect, design, code, test, and release a platform and multiple apps that can scale to reach a large audience of customers.  We expect this person to lead our engineering efforts, initially with a small team, but with the potential to grow as fast as we need to, and that could be pretty fast.  You will be responsible for design and implementation of all platform and application architecture and features.  You will develop architecture and implement QA and other best practices to ensure a high-quality product for our customers.  As a startup engineering leader, you will take advantage of cloud-based platforms and other techniques to minimize cost, while ensuring high quality and enjoyable apps.  You will collect, surface, and analyze data to help the entire team determine how well the business is meeting the needs of our customers.  You will also understand the business context for the products and platform, and learn more about business than you ever have before.  Moreover, you’ll grow as a leader of an engineering team, becoming more effective, more sophisticated, and more empathetic.

You will need to have a broad software engineering background, and be technically deep in multiple areas of technology, including:

  • Voice-based solutions
  • Cloud-based services
  • Databases, particularly NoSQL solutions
  • Mobile and web-based applications
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Gamification


  • Bachelor's degree and/or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 5+ years of Software Engineering/Architecture experience building successful production software systems utilizing a large, distributed environment
  • Proficient in at least one programming or scripting language such as Python, node.js, C/C++, Objective C, Java, JavaScript
  • Experience using Amazon Web Services, such as Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, SES, SNS
  • Experience building Alexa skills or similar VUI applications
  • Experience defining, developing and maintaining REST based interfaces
  • Robust troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills for technical and business audiences
  • Can propose tradeoffs and provide risk assessment to stakeholders


  • 8+ years of Software Engineering/Architecture experience building successful production software systems utilizing a large, distributed environment
  • Experience leading engineering teams of at least fifty people
  • Experience leading multiple engineering disciplines including software engineering, program management, QA, systems administration, DB Admin, data analytics, product management
  • Experience shipping products involving machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Experience shipping software games and/or consumer software with gamification
  • Experience shipping mobile apps
  • Voice application design and development experience including VUI, ASR, and NLU
  • Experience working/leading at a tech startup
  • Experience working/leading at a large, but nimble, customer-focused tech company
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